lunes, 30 de mayo de 2011

Publicidad CLUM (30): MuscleTech (II)


-Vitakic Hardcore. Advanced multivitamin complex designed for bodybuilders & elite athletes.

-Hydroxycut Hardcore Pro Series. Powerful new weight-loss formula.

-HydroxyStim super-concentrated thermo-stimulant. More powerful than what you're taking now guaranteed.

-Neurocore. The most powerful pre-workout formula ever guaranteed.

-NaNO Vapor Hardcore Pro Series. Powerful pre-workout intensity igniter.

-NaNOX9 Hardcore Pro Series. Our fastest nitric oxide pill.

-Gakic Pro Series. Advanced pre-workout strength amplifier.

-HexaTest Hardcore Pro Series. Scientifically engineered testosterone receptor amplifier.

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