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Temazos CLUM (47): As we enter

Ojo al pepino que se marcaron Damian Marley y Nas en el 2010 dentro de su album Distant Relatives. Buena mierda. [Damian Marley] As we enter Come now we take you on the biggest adventure [Nas] Must be dementia, that you ever thought You could touch our credentials, what's the initials? [Damian Marley] You be Jamrock the lyrical official Send out the order, laws and the rituals [Nas] Burn candles, say prayers, paint murals It is truth we big news, we hood heroes [Damian Marley] Break past the anchor, we come to conquer Man a badman, we no play Willy Wonka [Nas] And I got the guns [Damian Marley] I got the ganja [Nas] And we could blaze it up on your block if you want to Or haze it up stash box in a Hummer Or you could run up and get done up [Damian Marley] Or get something that you want none of Unlimited amount you collect from us Direct from us, street intellectuals [Nas] And I'm shrewd about decimals And my man'll speak Patois And I